Elementique Senior – My tablet and smartphone become friendly and intuitive!

Want to move with the times and surf the Internet? Share messages and pictures with your relatives? Looking for a “boost” to enjoy serenely all the possibilities offered by your tablet or smartphone? Looking for user comfort and security?

Discover Elementique Senior applications, the innovative and economical solution of our seniors.

Simplicity – Autonomy – Pleasure

Consisting of a set of exclusive applications, Elementique Senior offers a clear, structured and simplified environment. This environment is identical in each Elementique application. The icons are wide and legible, the keyboard is either alphabetic or « qwerty », and the user is guided throughout its use. Tablets and Smartphones keep their access to the Google Play Store, a high tech look and all their possibilities.

Elementique Senior allows anyone, regardless of her/his initial knowledge, to simply become autonomous, to be connected, and to easily enjoy all the possibilities of tablets and smartphones. Thanks to its simple, elegant and secure environment, sending an e-mail, managing your agenda, surfing the Internet, playing, sharing photos or chatting with relatives, ... becomes easier and easier !

Used by different organizations during their training for seniors or beginners, Elementique Senior is also a very interesting educational tool.

Discover the easiest Android user experience

Try Elementique Senior freely for 6 weeks (no ads). After this period, the purchase of the license will be proposed at a cost of € 9.99 (no subscription). If you do not want to continue with Elementique Senior, simply uninstall the applications.

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Looking for a simplified tablet or a Senior Smartphone?

Discover the Senior product family from our partner Danew. These products are accessible to everyone and come with Elementique out of the box.

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