Much more than just a «home screen»!

Unlike other senior applications that only offer a simplified home screen with sometimes a few additional features, Elementique Senior is !the only solution! that offers all the Android features in simplified mode!
No compromise: you have access to all the possibilities of your tablet and smartphone, as well as to all the possibilities offered by the Internet!
See for yourself:


Elementique Senior Launcher

Browse easily and securely between the main applications of your tablet or smartphone. Everything is “at your fingertips”


Elementique Senior Phone

SMS? Phone call ? Skype? Everything is possible, you choose!


Elementique Senior Applications

No more clutter! Group your favorite apps. Download the latest version of your periodical? Manage your accounts online? Use a GPS? Or why not try a new game? Adapt your tablet or smartphone to your tastes and desires: install what you like through the Play Store


Elementique Senior Pictures & Documents

Browse your album, take photos and share them with your family or friends. Consult, write and send documents. Did you receive by email the last picture of your grandson or a confirmation of your hotel reservation? Find them in your photo album and your documents folder


Elementique Senior Calendar

Appointment to the doctor, birthdays, taking medication … Super-practical, reminders!


Elementique Senior Messages

The pleasure of sending and receiving news from your friends or family via e-mail. Want to add a photo? Nothing simpler!
Elementique Senior Messages is a simplified GMail client app that brings you all the basic features of email, along with respecting and protecting your GMail data privacy.


Elementique Senior Internet

Elementique helps you to surf on the Internet and to easily find the information you are looking for, in complete safety. Using bookmarks, you can also access directly to your favorite websites and to easily find the information you want


Elementique Senior Leisure

Games, radio, music … take full advantage of the relaxation and entertainement possibilities of your tablet or smartphone


Elementique Senior Contacts

Find a contact in your address book? Add a picture? An email address? And why not a Skype address? The visual indications and hints guide you step by step

Also available:

  • Enjoy a similar environment on your tablet and your smartphone (no extra cost)
  • You share your tablet ? Ability to create multiple user accounts (each having his own set of contacts, mails, etc…)
  • A glitch? Get remote help from a trustworthy person (friend, relative) (by sharing Gmail credentials)
  • Choose your favorite keyboard: traditional (qwerty) or alphabetical (abcd)
  • Many languages available: English – Deutsche – Eesti keelt – Français – Español – Italiano – Nederlands – Polski – Português – Русский – 中文
  • Video tutorials to help with installation

And much more…

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